BGIC Launching Ceremony 2016

The Blue Gold Innovation Challenge (BGIC) launched its activities at a Ceremony this December 18, 2016 at 6.00pm. It was held at Moar, Banani 11, Dhaka Bangladesh. The Launching Ceremony was attended by representatives from NGOs, Entrepreneurial Funds and Entrepreneurs from all over Bangladesh.

The event was a chance for those in the development sector to come together and talk about some of the pressing issues in agriculture and water resource management that can be solved through innovative business solutions. Among chief guests was Ms. Lamiya Morshed, Executive Director of Yunus Centre, who shared her thoughts about social business and how the development sector can achieve social impact through more sustainable models. Mr. Boudewijn Sterk, Manager of Innovation Fund, Blue Gold Program and the partner of YY Goshti in this program, was also present. He expressed anticipation in working in the agricultural and water resource management sector, paving the way for collaboration in the development sector that has not been done before. He was excited to see what new things can be achieved through this endeavor. Finally, Shazeeb M. Khairul Islam, Founder of YY Goshti, shared that the YY Goshti team is looking forward to work with aspiring entrepreneurs while building some innovative businesses that can access funds from the Blue Gold Program, using their expertise in incubating next generation businesses.



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