Phytecare Laboratories

PhytéCare is a social business startup specialized in applied plant-science, more specifically in phytonutrition. PhytéCare aims to provide better nutrition to the urban lower class and end urban malnutrition in West Africa. To this aim, PhytéCare has pioneered “Phyté”, a clinically-tested liquid nutritional complement made from two low-cost and locally-sourced FAO-recognized superfoods, Moringa and Baobab. Phyté aims to complement the various micronutrient deficiencies in the three groups most vulnerable to malnutrition: pregnant & lactating women, children (2+), and seniors. These products will then be sold either directly to the public, or to NGOs and local governments, or to other businesses. PhytéCare will start operations in West Africa with the aim of later being a global business that produces localized solutions. Its mission is to harness the power of plants to create cost-effective, affordable, and localized solutions to malnutrition. Its current vision is to provide better nutrition to one million West Africans. With the slogan “Let Mother Nature Care”, PhytéCare’s target customers are adult women from the urban lower-class, also known as base-of-the-pyramid. These women are the ones most likely to buy the product for themselves, their children, and their senior parents. PhytéCare will start its operations in The Gambia, a small coastal nation almost landlocked within Senegal as Gambia’s newest regime is actively working towards the fight against malnutrition and supporting all initiatives that endeavor in this.