Launching Ceremony of YY Goshti

YY Goshti started its journey through the official unveiling ceremony on 18 February 2016, held at EMK Center, attended by young entrepreneurs, students, development professionals, media and other stakeholders. During the launching ceremony Ms. Lamiya Morshed, Executive Director, Yunus Centre; Ms. Shaila Khan, Assistant Country Director, UNDP; Mr. M. K. Aaref, Director of EMK Center and Mr. Shazeeb M Khairul Islam, Founder of YY Goshti were the distinguished speakers. This whole program is sponsored by EMK Center, while supported by Social Business Youth Alliance Global, Prito Reza Productions and Socialyzen.


The event started with registration and seating arrangements from 5.30 pm. The event was hosted by Namista Tabassum, Director of YY Goshti. Mr. Shazeeb M. Khairul Islam, Founder of YY Goshti, gave a Welcome Speech and also talked about how he came across the idea for this new project.The second segment was a short presentation by Mr. Wahid Hossain, YY Goshti’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence. He described the various aspects, program modules and aim of YY Goshti.


The presentation was followed by a Panel Discussion among the event’s distinguished speakers, to give an external opinion about the possible impacts of YY Goshti and its future endeavours. Mr. M. K. Aaref provided invaluable insight into the creativity of Youth and their importance in playing a more active role to bring about a wave of change in our society.

Ms. Shaila Khan talked about sustainability and inclusive growth, providing some anecdotes of her years of experience with UNDP. She stressed on the fact of the current global perspective, and how social business is a strong contender in becoming a big solution to many problems.

Ms. Lamiya Morshed talked about the impacts of social business and Yunus Centre’s vision and how YY Goshti’s activities are based on similar principles. The very informative panel discussion was followed by the Speakers answering a few questions from the audience.


Lastly, the event ended with an immensely motivational video message from Professor Muhammad Yunus, telling participants about the valuable impact social business and wishing YY Goshti luck. The event ended with a cake cutting ceremony, and was followed by a networking session among attendees complete with refreshments.