Inspire: Knowledge Sessions held in PSTU, Patuakhali

The Blue Gold Innovation Challenge (BGIC) launched its second on-location activity “Inspire: Knowledge Sessions 2” at PSTU Information Dissemination Centre (PIDC), Patuakhali Science Technology University (PSTU) in Dumki, Patuakhali, Barisal, Bangladesh on January 1, 2017 from 3.30 pm. It was attended by students from PSTU, specifically from the Department of Agronomy. Both undergraduate and post graduate students were present.

The session began with an introductory speech by Dr. A. S. M. Iqbal Hussain, Professor of the Department of Agronomy. He spoke on the topic: “Scope of Innovation to promote Agricultural Development in Bangladesh”. This was followed by a short informative session by Ms. Namista Tabassum, Director of YY Goshti. She welcomed all the participants, and explained what BGIC was all about. After that, Mr. Shazeeb M. Khairul Islam, Founder of YY Goshti, started his session on Social Business 101 and the use of the social business model to create innovative business solutions accelerating agricultural, water resource management and sustainable development. The session ended with a short question and answer session, where the audience voiced various questions about how they can benefit from BGIC, and what they need to qualify as an applicant. The day ended with a very interesting session by Mr. Ekhtiar Uddin, Assistant Professor at the Department of Agronomy, PSTU.  He presented short case studies on innovations that are possible for supply chain development within the agriculture and water resource management sector. The students in the audience also participated and brainstormed creative solutions for value chain development.

After the session ended, many students came forward and were personally coached on how to apply for the BGIC program.