YY Goshti Cowork: Move Your Business Into Higher Gear

Are you planning to begin a startup but have no place of your own? Is the cost of renting an office space exceed your budget? Then coworking might be your answer.

Coworking means working in a shared office space. In a coworking space, you share an office with people who are working with different startups, freelancers and other professionals. Today, there are more 15,000 coworking spaces around the world and the number of coworking space is expected to grow by almost 25% each year!

So, why such demand for cowork spaces? First of all, cowork spaces are less costly than conventional office spaces. There is no setup costs involved. You usually pay by the hour you use the office space. But more importantly, coworking space gives you the chance to interact with fellow coworkers. These people come from different backgrounds and diverse in the work they do. If you ever need help, these people will be ready to provide it.

Many companies such as Uber and Instagram started off in coworking spaces. And studies have shown that people working in coworking spaces report more productivity and happiness than people working in regular office spaces.

If you are thinking of coworking, then YY Goshti can offer you it’s coworking spaces. Not only is YY Goshti’s cowork spaces are located in prime locations in Dhaka City, they also provide you with everything you need for your work. In addition, you get the benefit of working with a vibrant community. All these perks in quite affordable packages.

Here are five reasons why you should choose YY Goshti Cowork:

1. Amenities

All the basic staff you need for your office are already available at YY Goshti Cowork. Be it high speed wifi connection (there are three routers), stationery (there are ample supplies of them), printing facilities or support staff- you will find all here!

If you wish to arrange a meeting or plan a conference call, you can use our Meeting Space. The Meeting Space provides you with arrangements for up to 8 people and with all the facilities our cowork space has to offer. And if you want, we can rearrange the space to your needs.

There is also a kitchen facility located at YY Goshti Cowork. You can help yourself with tea, coffee or light snacks anytime during your office hours.

2. Flexibility

You can choose from among our four available packages. Starting from Individual package to the Meeting Room package, all packages are flexible. This means you can choose your timings and choose a suitable package.

The four packages you can choose are- the Individual Pack, the Startup Pack, the Training Pack, and the Meeting Room Pack. All the packages are made keeping in mind whether you work solo, work in a team, conduct a training session or arranging a meeting.

To know more about the packages offered at YY Goshti Cowork, click here.

3. Cost
Is the thought of the benefits and packages of YY Goshti Cowork give you a fear about the costs? Then don’t worry. You can use our coworking space at affordable prices.

Our packages start from BDT 2,500/ day (Meeting Room Pack) and BDT 6,000/month (Individual Pack). The Startup Pack costs only BDT 22,000/ month.

Compare these packages to a dedicated office space, you will find the cost of an office space in Dhaka city starts from more than 2.5 lacs taka. Whereas at YY Goshti Cowork, you get all the facilities at a much reduced price.

5. Location

Did we mention there are two locations of YY Goshti Cowork? If you choose YY Goshti Cowork for your office, you get to choose from two prime locations in Dhaka City- one at Mirpur DOHS and the second at Dhanmondi.

Both of these spaces offer the same amenities. You also have the flexibility to choose between packages and the same costs at both locations

6. Community

Working on a project and finding a problem you can’t solve? Or just thinking of asking someone for advice? Or just have a chat with someone? At YY Goshti Cowork, you have the chance to work alongside a vibrant startup community.