Agribusiness Challenge, Bangladesh

Agri-Business challenge was a drive to identify and support the best early-stage agri-SMEs of Bangladesh and help them grow with investment, knowledge, and access to the market.

Bangladesh is a country where agriculture is the largest employment sector. It employs 47% of the total labor force and comprises 16% of the country’s GDP. In the next few years, there is scope for vast development in this sector. For example, geographical proximity between India and Bangladesh pose opportunities for expansion of the market for processed agricultural products from Bangladesh. Despite such a high percentage of activities in the agricultural industry, Bangladesh is yet to catch up in terms of innovation.

We understand the potential for adding a lot of new methods within current practices and change the face of the industry altogether. In partnership with Agribusiness Booster Bangladesh Ltd (, we ran Agribusiness Challenge in 2017 to find top innovations in the sector and help them in getting funding to scale.

Our project recognized potentials of innovations like ‘Oggro Dairy’. The first dairy farm with its own pasteurization processing plant, Oggro Dairy produces high-quality safe milk for consumers delivered directly from the farm to your doorstep. It maintains an International Quality Control and Assurance standard. As part of our partnership with Agribusiness Booster, we have been able to support Oggro Ventures in securing its growth funding.

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