Blue Gold Innovation Challenge, Bangladesh

The Blue Gold Innovation Challenge (BGIC), was organized in 2016-2017 in collaboration with Blue Gold Program with a financial contribution from the Netherlands Government, to find and support innovative business solutions which addresses water resource management, agriculture and sustainable development of the southwest region of Bangladesh.

The southwest of Bangladesh is a remote region where agriculture is the main source of income and farmers are both depending and dependent on water. Accelerating the development inside the target demographies requires new innovative approaches focused on the empowerment of communities, the management of water resources, improvement of agricultural practices and the creation of business opportunities. Innovators, students, startups and organizations can apply with business ideas which will be implemented to improve the lives of the people in the target areas.

BGIC was a year-long program which helped 16 entrepreneurs with training, mentoring and prototyping grant. Top innovations include Regen, providing high-quality organic fertilizer for agriculture and urban garden needs, E-Traceability, providing an IT solution to educate, collect, crosscheck, and analyze social, environmental data to benchmark/rank producers against sustainable standards. This allows buyers to track orders of shrimp to maintain fidelity, Sputnique – a solar-run mobile projection unit that can be used to provide training and education to rural schools and for farmers in the agriculture value chain, anywhere anytime and what not.

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