Tazin Shadid Joins YY Ventures Limited as the Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors of YY Ventures Limited has appointed Tazin Shadid as the new Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors effective immediately. Tazin brings in strong expertise in entrepreneurship and social business both locally and globally. Tazin spent 10 years at Microsoft headquarters building innovative technology products and services. During that time, he founded a US based charity organization, Spreeha Foundation, with a mission to break the cycle of poverty through healthcare, education, and skills training. Tazin also has dynamic entrepreneurship experience leading multiple successful startups. He is the co-founder of Spider Digital, a fintech company focused on social commerce. Tazin is also the co-founder of popular natural and organic food startup Neofarmers and health-tech startup AmarLab.

YY Ventures is a social business company created in collaboration with ‘Yunus Centre’ to inspire innovation, support social business entrepreneurs and drive change. We envision a World of Three Zeros – Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions. YY Ventures offers an intense, rapid, and immersive education to accelerate the life cycle of innovative social businesses in Bangladesh and Central African Republic that are solving pressing social issues of our times. Through YY Goshti incubator, 36 social entrepreneurs have impacted 80,819 lives in Bangladesh. They have also created 1108 jobs for the youth along the way delivering on our promise of zero unemployment.

While we scale our impact and start operating at a global scale, there is no better person to lead the growth of YY Ventures,’ said Shazeeb M Khairul Islam, Founder and Managing Director of YY Ventures. ‘Tazin is a proven leader and has the ability to gather a pool of bold entrepreneurs and help them fight poverty, unemployment, and carbon emissions.’ His vision of utilizing the power of technology and social business entrepreneurship to accelerate the creation of a world of three zeros is exactly what YY Ventures needs as we start to run our programs in Bangladesh, Central African Republic and beyond.

Give a shoutout to Tazin shadid at tazin@yy.ventures and follow his journey here