Kick the virus- YY Goshti distributes Face Shields to Health Professionals in Dhaka

YY Goshti is producing 3D printed Face Shields to address the dire shortages of protective gear.
Thanks to our friends at EMK Centre and WizKit for collaborating with us in this initiative. YY Goshti, EMK Center and WizKit’s own 3D printing lab’s are being used to produce these face shields which are being delivered to front-line medical staff. These protective face shields will help to augment the insufficient supply for our front liners, border control personnel, other medical staff, and maintenance and utility workers. On April 02, 2020 first batch of these gears were distributed to healthcare professionals at Spreeha Healthcare Center, who are serving underprivileged patients in urban slum areas and AmarLab, who are conducting home screening for COVID-19 along with other pathology tests.

As the CODID-19 pandemic accelerates, Bangladesh’s healthcare system soon will be overwhelmed with potentially infectious patients seeking testing and care. Preventing spread of infection to and from health workers is a must and our friends in the healthcare industry relies on effective use of PPE, face masks, face shields. We need to produce plenty of face shields to combat the spread of the virus. We will be distributing more of these Face Sheilds at public hopitals like BSMMU, Kurmitola General Hospital etc who are at the frontline of fighting COVID-19 in Bangladesh.

It is very difficult to do this without your help. If you have a 3D printer at home, if you are willing to support us, let’s talk. Please stay home, stay safe.

Give a shoutout to our team at if you are in need of Face Shields or if you are willing to join forces to produce Face Shields for the people who needs it most.