Kick the virus- Here’s how our tribe is fighting the pandemic

Distributing Face Sheild to health workers

YY Goshti has joined forces with EMK Centre and 3D Printer to address the dire shortages of protective gear.  EMK Centre’s own 3D printers are being used to produce these face shields which will be delivered for distribution to front-line medical staff, waste collectors etc. The design blueprint was collected from our friends at NWTF, Philippines. These protective face shields will help to augment the insufficient supply for our front liners, border control personnel, other medical staff, and maintenance and utility workers. On April 02, 2020 first batch of these gears were distributed to healthcare professionals at Spreeha Healthcare Center, who are serving underprivileged patients in urban slum areas and AmarLab, who are conducting home screening for COVID-19 along with other pathology tests. We will be distributing more of these Face Sheilds at public hopitals like BSMMU, Kurmitola General Hospital etc who are at the frontline of fighting COVID-19 in Bangladesh.

Backing Crowdfunding platform

YY Goshti is working as the technology partner of CholoShobai, who have created an online crowdfunding platform that enables anyone across Bangladesh to raise funds for a good social and humanitarian cause. We feel this fund raised through a transparent digital system from hundreds and thousands of local citizens will help organizations and individuals accelerate the good work they’re doing to fight the Covid-19 situation. While crowdfunding is very common in Western countries, and even in our neighboring countries like India, it has not been explored in Bangladesh since now in an institutional capacity where there is a verification framework in place. CholoShobai also incorporated a payment gateway in the system which will allow local Bangladeshis to transfer their money digitally to fund their cause.

YY Goshti’s design consultancy arm ‘Jamroll’,  has developed the technology platform for CholoShobai in an unprecedented timeline to address the current Corona virus situation.

Clean Water Initiative

We are exploring a partnership with Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation to set  up a portable water supply for safe drinking water in Rayerbazar Slum area. During the outbreak it may be difficult to find access to clean drinking water. As more than 90% of the water supplies in slums contains fecal contamination. Providing safe water can help increase hygiene and prevent spread of virus and bacteria. Although it is difficult to setup the water distribution plant at this point given unavailability of technical workers, it can be done with help from local support.

Our Incubatees are taking care of their communities by raising awareness

Many of our incubated projects like Garbageman, Positive Bangladesh, Peacemaker Studios are very active in raising awareness in the digital platforms.

Give a shoutout to our team at if you are willing to join forces to to fight the pandemic.