YY Goshti stands for sustainable impact and thereby back entrepreneurial youth
who engage in the poverty elimination within their communities.

Endless possibility dies the moment when aspiring social entrepreneurs back off from their incredible ideas because of being clueless on how to materialize them or due to lack of access to resources. Without proper resources and guidance, innovation is barred. We are on a mission to create an avenue for these businesses who aim to make an affirmative change. We do it with training, mentorship, community and resources that help build sustainable social businesses. With time and proper mentorship, they become independent business entities and some of these ideas may completely change the world.

We are part of YY Ventures Limited which is a collection of enterprises & projects that inspire innovation, support social entrepreneurs and drive social change.

"YY Goshti energizes everybody, helps everybody to think differently, think fresh, bring out new ideas, who knows one of these ideas will completely change the world"

Professor Muhammad Yunus

2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Founder of Grameen Bank


Lamiya Morshed has been the executive director of Yunus Centre, the global hub for the social business activities of Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. Her experience with social businesses span over 23 years. As the Chairman of the Board, she ensures that the board is effective in its task, setting and implementing the company’s overall strategy & direction.

Lamiya Morshed

Shazeeb has 6 years experience of working with social businesses and startups globally. He works full time at YY Ventures Limited as the Managing Director and is responsible for the growth and performance of the company. He is also the Founder of Social Business Youth Alliance (SBYA), a leading youth movement for social business and was the Founding CEO of YGAP in Bangladesh, an International Development not-for-profit that back impact entrepreneurs with solutions to local problems in Australia, Asia and Africa.

Shazeeb M Khairul Islam
Founder, Managing Director

Highlighting the importance of startups in the fast growing economy, Akkie Okma contributes to their progress by offering training and mentoring in the development of business plans, pitching their businesses to investors and building supporting networks. Akkie leads our overall mentoring strategy and loves spending quality time with our incubatees.

Akkie Okma
Technical Advisor

Tazin Shadid has been a practitioner of Design Thinking for almost 15 years. He spent ten years at Microsoft Headquarters in the USA as a senior human centered design researcher and currently serves as the CEO of Spreeha Bangladesh. Tazin helps our entrepreneurs screen their ideas so that they can prototype the product and test the prototype in the market to collect meaningful insights to develop a minimum viable product .

Tazin Shadid
Technical Advisor

Khalid Hossain is a founding Director at YY Ventures Limited and has been helping social entrepreneurs build strong brands for the past few years. He currently serves Social Business Youth Alliance (SBYA) as the CEO and has working experience with British Council in Dhaka. At his role, Khalid leads our efforts in branding, communications, reputation management and experience design.

Khalid Hossain

A marketer by heart, Tanzeem believes that everyday and everyone has something to offer. He is in-charge of our growth and is an expert in creating unconventional and cost-efficient channels to kickstart & manage entrepreneurship programs. He has working experience with Unilever Bangladesh Ltd.

Tanzeem Noor
Head of Growth

Fairuz Aniqa is the Communications Associate at YY Goshti. She has previously worked as a youth collaborator for several youth organizations.

Sanjida Tanny
Community Builder
Debojit Saha
Business Development Consultant

Naimah is an accounts associate at YY Goshti. She is in charge of tracking the expenses and has previous experience in content planning. She is eager to learn and grow professionally.

Ramisa Rahman
Associate, Communications

Mohamed is an experienced member with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry.
He is an associate on the Mont Carmel Project in Central African Republic. Mohamed works out of Cameroon and speaks French, English and Bengali.

Mohamed Al Mokhtar
Associate, Africa

"YY Goshti is the future of now. What one does not make alone, many create at YY Goshti. It is the best playground to tackle things differently and with joy."

Hans Reitz

Co-Founder, The Grameen Creative Lab