The extent of the damage that the coronavirus pandemic is causing the world is mind-boggling. This has shown us that we cannot continue as before: there is no going back. However, despite this massive damage, it offers us an unparalleled opportunity.

The present coronavirus pandemic proves that our global financial system has failed and we cannot go back to the old one. We have to create new roads, systems and institutions to create a new world based on equality, sustainability, transparency and happYYness.

After a spring in lock-down, we now need a summer of purpose. We are proud to present Expedition Camp: Time to break forth, a satellite event organized as a part of Social Business day 2020 at Summer of Purpose. We are bringing 100 youth from the Asia Pacific together for a mindful experience to unleash our social and environmental consciousness for the new world.

Now is the time to realize that the power lies in our hands. When human beings set their mind to get something done, they just do it. Nothing is impossible for humans. The Time is NOW!


Professor Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Laureate, Founder of Grameen Bank
Lamiya Morshed
Chairwomen, YY Ventures
Shazeeb M Khairul Islam
Founder, YY Ventures
Paula Mills, CEO
Academy of Entrepreneurs
Akkie Okma
Founder, Okma Advice
Lamia Hafiz
Community Engagement Manager, YY Ventures
Ashraful Hasan
Managing Director, Grameen Telecom
Tazin Shadid
CEO, YY Ventures
Mahenaz Chowdhury
Founder, Broque
Callum Mackenzie
Co-Founder, Yunus Thailand
Prometheus Siddiqui
Board Member, Grameen Australia
Dr. Ishtiaque Zahid
CEO, AmarLab
Raymond Serios
Assistant Director, Negros Women For Tomorrow Foundation
Umama Zillur
Founder, Kotha
Dinh-Long Pham
Lead, Movers Programme, UNDP
Ashreen Mridha
Athlete & Founder, Deshi Ballers, Former Captain, Bangladesh National Women Basketball Team


11.00AM-11.10AM Welcome and Check in Shazeeb Islam, Founder, YY Ventures
11.10AM-11.50AM Opening Panel:
Unleashing Your Social and Environmental Consciousness

Mahenaz Chowdhury, Founder, Broque

Paula Mills, CEO, Academy of Entrepreneurs

Akkie Okma, Founder, Okma Advice

Raymond Serios, Assistant Director, NWTF

Dr. Ishtiaque Zahid, CEO, AmarLab

Tazin Shadid, CEO, YY Ventures

11.50AM-12.00PM Mind Energizer
12.00PM-12.05PM Finding your Super HappYYness in extraordinary times Lamiya Morshed, Executive Director, Yunus Centre & Chairwomen, YY Ventures
12.05PM-12.55PM Panel:

Breaking Forth: The Spirit of Youth


Ashraful Hassan, Managing Director, Grameen Telecom

Callum Mackenzie, Co-founder, Yunus Thailand

Lea Klein, Asia Director,

Umama Zillur, Co-founder, Kotha

Ashreen Mridha, Athlete & Founder, Deshi Ballers, Former Captain, Bangladesh National Women Basketball Team

Dinh-Long Pham, Lead, Movers Programme UNDP

Lamia Hafiz, Community Engagement Manager, YY Ventures

12.55PM-1.00PM Learning from our community Prometheus Siddiqui, Board Member, Grameen Australia
1.00PM-1.20PM Keynote:

No Going Back: Youth in Social Business for post corona reconstruction

Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate, Founder of Grameen Bank
1.20PM-1.30PM Wrap Up