YY Goshti offers a full range of corporate services including accelerator program design & management, impact measurement & communications and investment readiness for startups and existing social businesses.

We help early-stage social entrepreneurs, established corporations, development agencies and government agencies to use the powerful model of Social Business to take their innovation and social impact agenda forward.




Our world class Accelerator facilitators can help you connect to bankable startups and tailored mentoring opportunities. We have experience of launching & managing 15+ accelerator programs for social entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific and Africa. Our services were trusted by groups like United Nations Development Program, Yunus Centre and United Nations Industrial Development Organization.


Impact Measurement &

IMM helps Social Businesses to substantially improve relationships with customers and beneficiaries by helping them realize if a solution really create the impact it set out to achieve. YY Impact Management services is designed for entrepreneurs who strive to create impact; the service provides access to the best tools available for entrepreneurs to measure, manage and improve their impact accountability. Startups seeking to secure external funding will find it useful as they often face the challenge of communicating their impact effectively to investors or donors.


Readiness (IR)

Investment Readiness is for Social Businesses who are approaching the stage where external financing becomes important. Access to capital is a universal challenge that entrepreneurs face when they seek repayable capital from investors to scale their impact and grow. YY Investment readiness program enables entrepreneurs with the capacity and capability to seek, take on, use – and repay- this investment. The service also supports impact entrepreneurs on their journeys towards investment readiness and to strengthen their ability to raise capital from investors.


Let’s collaborate and work together to take your social impact agenda further.

If you are in the look out of an incubator partner or innovation agency to design and implement a project to address some of the toughest social issues of our time we need to talk.

We live to initiate change. And the best way to do that is to do it together. We’re always open to ideas from all corners of the world.